Air Tab

Airtab Improves Airflow and Reduces Fuel Consumption.

In the UK Airtab has been subjected to on road testing and controlled trials at both Millbrook Proving Grounds and by MIRA. In the USA, Canada and Australia, Airtab has been tested over Millions of road miles. Irrespective of where they are used the benefits remain the same. The results, testimonies and details of the benefits Airtab offer have been obtained from: on vehicle telemetry, fuel flow meters, independent observers, vehicle drivers and fleet operators.

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Fuel Flow meters and telemetry results recorded by users show that an Airtab equipped vehicle will outperform identical fleet vehicles. Benefits have ranged from an improvement of 1.12% at a minimum to 9.44% as a maximum. Average fuel savings across UK and global testing consistently show long term savings of around 3-5%*. This figure coincides with the findings of the MIRA report.

Users can enhance their “Green Credentials” as a result of fitting Airtab, as any reduction in fuel used has a direct relationship with reductions in carbon emissions. For example a 3% fuel saving means a 3% reduction in carbon produced.

*All information is stated entirely from customer’s vehicle telematics system reports & their information feed back


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