LED Air Guard

The LED AirGuard Set & Go is an active tyre pressure monitor, it allows for easy installation and accurate monitoring.

Out of the package and whenever the LED AirGuard Set & Go is not installed on a pressurised tyre it will always be set at zero and not calibrated to any pressure. Once it is securely threaded onto a tyre valve stem, it will automatically calibrate and sets itself to that tyre pressure. At that point, if the tyre pressure drops between 5 to 10 psi the LED AirGuard Set & Go will begin to flash and will continue to flash for up to 3 weeks until it is removed and the tyre pressure is replenished to the previous tyre pressure setting, or a new tyre pressure setting.

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Improper tyre pressure has a detrimental effect on handling, braking and control.

According to the D.O.T., 95% of all premature tyre wear is caused by under inflation.

LED AirGuard Set & Go memorizes pressure when initially installed and can be easily recalibrated by simply removing and reinstalling.

Proper tyre inflation can save an estimated 3% to 5% in fuel costs.

LED light allows for visual checks of each tyre, even in daylight!

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